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All My Sons

Theatre Trailer, The Watermill Theatre

All My Sons.JPG


Directed by Douglas Rintoul
Designed by Hayley Grindle
Lighting designed by Joshua Carr
Sound designed by Helen Atkinson
Assistant Director Suzy Ward

Filmed by Philip Tull
Edited by Nick Flintoff

In pursuit of the American Dream, Joe Keller, a manufacturer of aircraft parts, makes a decision that has tragic repercussions. An ordinary, decent, hard-working man, he is driven to provide generously for his family. But Joe is in denial. So too is his wife, who in the aftermath of World War II, clings to the belief that their pilot son, Larry, reported lost in action, is still alive.

An apple tree, planted in the garden as a memorial to Larry, is ripped apart in a storm. It marks the moment when the truth about the past can no longer be suppressed and the honesty or guilt of Joe’s actions finally play out.

All My Sons is a moving and powerful landmark drama, the first great play from one
of the finest playwrights of the Twentieth Century.




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