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Production Management

I've worked as a Production Manager since the late '90s on many theatre shows and commercial projects.  From binaural cold war thrillers at the NT to the multi-award winning musical revival of The Lord Of The Rings at The Watermill Theatre.  I've worked on many small to mid scale touring shows with companies such as Rhum & Clay, Plested & Brown, David Benson, Barb Jungr and So & So Circus and worked across many regional theatre in the south of England..

In the commercial sector, I've worked as a Production Manager for Imagination Ltd. working on a many Financial Roadshows across the world.  I've also delivered trade show stands for Cosmopolitan, Wella, The Boat Show and Top Gear.

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I started working in regional theatre from 13 years old. Since then I've had experience in delivering shows from touring small to mid scale, mid scale theatres such as the Watermill and right up to larger scale work at the NT.

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Conferences & Trade Shows

I spent over 5 years working as a freelance and later a full-time Production Manager for Imagination Ltd. where we delivered award winning international conferences, motor shows and financial roadshows.


Special Events

Aside from my theatre and commercial work, I've been asked to work on many other projects such as private parties, christmas events, immersive work and development projects and installations such as Virtual Reality Theatre.

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