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Laurel & Hardy

Theatre Trailer, The Watermill Theatre

Laurel & Hardy.jpg


Directed by Paul Foster
Designed by Laura McEwen
Lighting designed by Richard Howell
Movement Director Drew McOnie
Assistant Director Erica Miller

Filmed by Philip Tull

Edited by Nick Flintoff

Applauded by audiences and critics around the world, this hugely successful play is touching, funny and often  surprising.  It tells the fascinating, behind the silver screen story of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy – the most successful movie double-act. As they recall their lives, the memories are interwoven with some of their best-loved sketches and songs in a high energy, continent-crossing journey.

Laurel and Hardy had an extraordinary influence of some of the world’s greatest comedians. They kept the world entertained with their slapstick, songs, pratfalls and most of all, their wit and boundless charm. But, like any partnership, there were squabbles as well as successes along the way. The Hollywood studio system, the girlfriends and wives, the theatre managers and unscrupulous producers are all conjured up at breakneck speed. From Vaudeville, through silent movies and the talkies, their moving and madcap life stories unfold. Standby for another fine mess of tears, smiles and the odd custard pie.




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