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Of Mice and Men

Theatre Trailer, The Watermill Theatre



Directed by Douglas Rintoul
Designed by Hayley Grindle
Lighting designed by Paul Anderson
Sound designed by Helen Atkinson

Filmed by Philip Tull
Edited by Nick Flintoff

Jeff Alexander - Crooks
Tom Berish - Curley
David Ganly - Lennie
Nicholas Hart - Whit
Siobhan O'Kelly - Curley's Wife
Thomas Padden - George
Carl Patrick - The Boss/Carlson
Ian Porter - Slim
Johnson Willis - Candy

“Beautifully crafted and staged, the production team excels in creating the highly charged and emotional relationship between George and Lennie.” The Stage

“…a final dramatic, emotional and moving ending that leaves you in a state of disbelief and tugs at your heartstrings. Highly recommended.” The British Theatre Guide


"Unbelievable! Such a powerful performance." Audience member

Lennie and George drift from ranch to ranch like tumbleweed, looking for work. They are two amongst thousands of farm workers destined to a lonely life on the road in America during the height of the Great Depression. But unlike so many other guys, they have each other for company - friends in a hostile world. They share a dream of owning their own little place someday, where they’ll live off the fat of the land.

John Steinbeck’s great play beautifully describes the touching relationship between Lennie, a giant of a man with the mind of a gentle child, and the wiry, shrewd George, who looks out for him and needs him in equal measure. Lennie’s desire to pet soft things has already caused them to run from the law. Can George keep him out of trouble long enough for them to realise their dream?

Widely considered a twentieth century classic, this is an opportunity to see a deeply moving play by one of America’s greatest writers.

"An amazing piece of theatre. One of the best." Audience member

“this is a beautifully subtle interpretation of Steinbeck’s classic and a memorable production.” Whats

“It’s a testament to the strength of this production that, despite knowing how the story will play out, I still find myself absorbed in twists and turns of the plot, suspending disbelief and rooting for Lennie and George as the omens stack up against them.” The Good Review *****




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