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Flight Paths 9: Vietnam & Canada

Two very different countries on opposite sides of the Pacific. We start in the Land of the Blue Dragon, Vietnam where East meets West in a fusion of modern pop and ancient rock. Joining me there is the Immersive Film Director Tuyet Van Huyeh as she chooses a track from her origins.  Then for the second half we're off to The Great White North, Canada as we fly over the soundscapes of this beautiful land and listen to some incredible folk songs. Playwright and Screenwriter Evan Placey joins us to talk about a special track from his homeland.

Here's the video link to Kate McGarrigle's Royal Albert Hall performance that Evan talks about:

Featuring Artists such as: Nguyên Lê, Tran Thu Ha, Saigon Soul Revival, East Pointers, Great Lake Swimmers, Kashtin and many more...

Aired: Saturday 27 November 2021

Flight Paths 8: Mali & Switzerland

On today’s Flight Paths, two very different countries both landlocked and each with their own very different styles of music. Starting off, we’re over North Africa listening in to this continent's musical engine room, Mali. Then banking back and over the desert dunes of the Sahara, up over the alps and into Switzerland. My special guest today choosing a track from his home country is the Swiss Lighting Designer and Events Technology Manager for the International Olympics Committee, Romain Rossel.

Featuring artists: Songhoy Blues, Tinarwen, Ali Farke Touré, Yello, The Young Gods, Sophie Hunger and many more...

First Aired: Sunday 1st August 2021

Flight Paths 7: Iceland & Jamaica

On this week's show I'm travelling to the Land of Ice and Fire, Iceland where I'll be joined by Theatre Director and Actor Agnes Wild from Icelandic theatre company Midnight and UK based theatre company Lost Watch. Then for the second half, I'm heading down to the Caribbean to the Land of Wood and Water, Jamaica. Joining me there the current Associate Director of the Bush Theatre, Daniel Bailey.

Aired: Saturday 22nd August 2020

Flight Paths 6: Greece & Mexico

Welcome to this episode, where I’m off to the land of Greece in the first half and joining me there is the extraordinary and inspirational playwright Beth Steel then for the second half, I’m heading to Mexico to hear the sounds form the Heart of the Americas.  Tamara Leaning, a screen writer and member of the National Theatre Comms Team will be talking about a special track that she’s chosen too. So tune in.

Aired: Sunday 19th July, 2020

Flight Paths 5: Japan & Iran

On today's show, we're flying off to the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan to hear some unbelievable artists. Theatre-Maker, Naoko Okouchi (who has worked closely with the great Director Yokio Ninagawa joins me to choose a powerful track from Southern Japan and then for a very different second half we're heading over to the Land of Persia, Iran. Joining me there will be Stratford Theatre Royal's Artistic Director and playwright, Nadia Fall, who was recently working on her new production of 'Welcome To Iran', to play a track she's chosen.

Also here is a link to Marjan Farsad's youtube video that I mention in the show:

Featuring artists: Shin’ichi Kinoshita, The Fishmans, The Okinawa Tribe, Ajate, Dariush, Kiosk, Kayhan Kaylor and more.

Aired: Sunday 5th July, 2020

Flight Paths 4: Australia & Nigeria

Welcome to the fourth Flight Paths. On this episode, I’m heading off to The Land Down Under for the first half with some mind blowing tracks from Australia including a special song introduced by Matt Wells, the co-Director of the hugely popular theatre company Rhum & Clay.

Then for the second half, I’m off to the musical engine room of West Africa, Nigeria to hear some powerhouse songs from them including a song personally chosen by my second guest, the inspirational Nigerian born poet and playwright Inua Ellams.

Also this week, as the Arts industry falls further into the coronavirus crisis, I do a shout out to a community of creative freelancers taking action - Freelancers Make Theatre Work (

And finally a special thanks also to Ben Ringham for putting the Flight Paths intro together..

Featuring Dead Can Dance, Fingers Mitchel Cullen, Emily Wurramara, Fela Kuti, Flavour, Tony Allen and more.

Aired: Sunday 21st June, 2020

Flight Paths 3: Morocco & The Ukraine

On this episode I'm heading over to Morocco with an A list of musicians from the Kingdom of the West and then I'll be travelling over to the Eastern Borderlands of the Ukraine with some contemporary music from them in this really exciting episode. I'll also be playing a fantastic world music track from Berkshire based artist Paula Riordon from her stunning album 'When Two Hearts'.


Featuring: Armand Amar, Aisha Kandisha's Jarring Effects, Bahia El Idrissi, Paula Riordan, Onuka, Jamala Atmasfera and more...

Uploaded: 7th June 2020

Flight Paths 2: Eastern Europe & Brazil

On my second flight paths radio show I'm heading over to Eastern Europe for the first part and then briefly heading over Jamaica before arriving at Brazil and a quick look back at some Bossa Nova classics. And some stunning tracks to get us to each of these parts.

Featuring: Syriana, Damian Drăghici, Irén Lovász, Vasmalon, Dom La Nina, Jorge Ben Jor, Sérgio Mendes, Booby Di Melo, João Gilberto, Astrud Gilberto, Bebel Gilberto and more...

Aired: Sunday 24th May, 2020

Flight Paths 1: Test Flight

It's lockdown. So I'm heading off on my first ever test flight as a homemade radio presenter to make this little radio show for Nelson Radio, celebrating some of the great world music artists, some I've worked with, some I've seen live, some I just fell into.


Featuring: The Afro Celt Sound System, Inna Modja, Sidestepper, Anoushka Shankar, Nitin Sawney, Wasis Diop and more...

Aired: Sunday 3rd May, 2020

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