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Rehearsal Teaser, Rabble Theatre

Glitch_480 x 270 Full Landscape.jpg


Written by Zannah Kearns

Directed by Gemma Colcough & Gareth Taylor

Designed by Caitlin Abbott

Composed by Ben Hudson

Lighting by Oliver Welsh

Publicity Design by Rebecca Pitt

Cameras by Nick Flintoff

Edited by Nick Flintoff

Pam Stubbs has been sub-postmistress of Barkham Post Office for over twenty years, respected and loved locally in equal measure. But when unexplained discrepancies start appearing in her accounts, Pam finds herself caught up in one of the biggest miscarriages of justice in British legal history.

This new work, specially commissioned by Reading University, is a first-hand account of Pam’s inspirational story.

Ahead of the full-scale touring production in 2025, RABBLE Theatre and the University of Reading are pleased to present Glitch, the true story of the Horizon scandal.




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