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Snowbound (2008)

Lighting Design, Debut Theatre Company

Snowbound poster.jpg


Written by Ciaran McConville

Directed by Sam Potter
Designed by Kerry Bradley

Sound Designed by Steve Mayo
Lighting by Nick Flintoff

'The dead stay with you...They reach back. When you least expect it. Out of the corner of your eye...You look over your shoulder. And it's love.'

Tom has always dreamed of travelling the world, but since his mother died he's been full-time carer to his brother, Alex, while all the opportunities have gone to the youngest, Sally. 

The gift of a video camera takes the brothers on an unexpected journey, as Alex sets out to make a documentary about love. But a violent strategy pushes Tom to the limits of his own strength. Alex must venture after him, into uncharted territory, where love is all-consuming and obliterates the landscape like a snowstorm. 

Snowbound opened at the Trafalgar Studios, in a production by Debut Theatre Company, in March 2008.




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