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The Three Musketeers (2010)

Lighting Design, The Watermill Theatre



Written by Beth Flintoff

Directed by Beth Flintoff

Design by Will Fricker

Lighting Design by Nick Flintoff

Photography by Philip Tull

No sooner does the spirited D’Artagnan arrive in Paris to fulfil his dream of becoming a Musketeer of the Guard, than he finds himself embroiled in a dangerous battle of wits between the villainous Cardinal and the wayward Queen of France. Impressed by his courage and honour, the famously gallant three musketeers adopt him into their circle and so begins a series of sensational, swashbuckling adventures. 

The Senior Youth Theatre presents this heroic story of inseparable friends on their quest for honour and justice to save the beautiful damsel in distress. Full of action, romance and comedy, this classic tale celebrates the spirit of friendship and their voracious lust for life. 




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