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The World We Made

Theatre Trailer, Change Festival

The World We Made.jpg


Written by Beth Flintoff

Based on the book by Jonathon Porritt

Directed by Sophie Austin

Designed by Niall McKeever

Lighting designed by Niall McKeever
  & Stella Kailides

Sound designed by Ella Walstrom

Filmed by Boyeong Gwak, De Hong Chan,

  Bálint Nagy & Ho Yin Or

Edited by Nick Flintoff

The World We Made is told by Keli and Luke, two students living in 2050. It shows a glimpse of how our lives could be in the future, if we pull together and change now before it’s too late. We take a look at 2050 through these students’ eyes and imagine the dramatic events that have got us there.


The journey follows personal and collective challenges, the struggles and losses as well as the enormous achievements, painting a compelling picture of the defining moments, breakthroughs and lifestyle revolutions that have made the world ‘work’ in 2050.


Based on extensive factual research from Jonathon Porritt’s seminal book of the same name, The World We Made offers a vibrant and dynamic vision of a world that is still available to us.

The World We Made is a commission by CHANGE Festival with support from The Centre for the Understanding of Sustainable Prosperity (University of Surrey), Reboot the Future, the Amersi Foundation and Arts Council England.




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