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Backgammon for Beginners (2011)

Lighting Design, So & So Circus



Director: Mish Weaver
Designer: Sue Mayes
Live score: Roshi Nasehi
Lighting design: Nick Flintoff

Photography by Mark Morreau.

An exquisite harmony of acrobatics, storytelling and music, which teeters constantly at the exhilarating brink between virtuosity and real danger …Backgammon for Beginners evokes the power of the most captivating storytelling **** “ Exeunt

The impossibility of ever knowing the truth about anyone – even your own parent – is explored in this ambitious and often moving show…There is much to cheer here from this young company, not least of which is their unique physical language.” Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

‘Yeki Bood, Yeki na bood’: an Iranian saying to start a tale. ‘There was someone… there wasn’t someone.’

In 1976 a bemused Iranian man arrives on a military jet in London. He holds nothing but a suitcase, a complicated past, and a love of backgammon.

Stunning acrobatics and a breathtaking live score told the story of Roshan, a charming but ultimately flawed man, and his numerous adventures in a foreign and often frightening land.

Backgammon became a seduction tool, cockney accents caused confusion and the Iran he once knew disappeared after the Islamic revolution of 1979.

Following on from the success of The Hot Dots, the award winning So & So Circus created Backgammon for Beginners using audio interviews from the man himself, creating a piece which was at once funny, touching and entertaining.




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