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Writer's Block (2012)

Lighting Design, The Watermill Theatre



Written by Beth Flintoff

Directed by Beth Flintoff

Design by David Harris

Lighting Design by Nick Flintoff

Photography by Philip Tull

Life has taken a downhill turn for bestselling romantic novelist Martin: his wife has left him, he’s moved in with his mum, and his agent thinks he’s a woman called Francesca. Worst of all, the script of his next romance is due by the end of the week, and he’d really rather write about hunky CIA agents. Meanwhile, up the road lives Amy, whose glamorous, breezy life as a Hollywood scriptwriter couldn’t be better. Luckily for Martin, his mum knows Amy’s mum, and they’re coming over for a drink later…

The Watermill Senior Youth Theatre performs a play containing three novels,
two film scripts, and a cross-dressing ballet dancer. Possibly.




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